Delhi Page 3 Parties – Make Hay While The Stars Shine

If you are a socialite living in Delhi with party animal instincts, you can’t resist craving for a Page 3 invite as it is your gateway to rub shoulders with the social and political glitterati of the city that throws a party every evening at a swanky five star hotel in a desperate bid to be listed as Page 3 celebrities who adorn the Page 3 of Delhi Times every morning with their easily forgettable charm and charisma.

If you have not been invited to Page 3 Parties in Delhi in spite of climbing up the success ladder, you are considered socially backward and politically useless as there is a huge disconnect between you and the Page 3 fraternity that can only be bridged by attending the Page 3 Parties where the socio-political fraternity is waiting in desperation to be seen with you on the coveted Page 3 next morning.

Once you have tasted the blood of Page 3 invites, there is no looking back as they hold enough power to lure you every evening to their secret den where you are splurged with an exotic blend of wine and food and you can drink away to glory with your bubblytude acquaintances who will go an extra mile to get you in high spirits while bitching about the weird dressing sense of fashionista sitting next to them.

Page 3 Parties usually start late as the invited celebs find it insulting to reach in time for the event and will simply not step out of the home unless they find out the expected time of arrival of their friends, what are they wearing and the car they are driving to the event. And when they finally arrive late at the party fretting and fuming, they will give you the standard lame excuse of being awfully late due to piled up work at the office or due to the traffic jam on way.

The fashion fraternity of Delhi throws some of the most happening Parties where the skinny Indian models walk the ramp in haute couture designed to grab the media attention, making it a sensational page 3 headline. Then there are some not so exciting parties thrown by the politicians which are devoid of glamour, offering little amusement to the party animals, usually ending with a mocktail and a bland dinner.


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